About Us

We at Agile design and fabricate railings. Substantially all of our projects are custom, we work with steel, glass, cable, and selectively with aluminum. We design here in San Francisco, fabricate in one of a handful of US locations, and also source certain commodity components (for example, glass, stainless fittings, stock handrail profiles, etc.) from sources in China. This marriage of our individualized, hand crafted design process with highly efficient production and transport is what allows us to produce high quality custom railings at very attractive pricing.

A New Approach to Railings

Agile was founded around the principals of mass customization and leverages the continued proliferation of computer aided design/manufacturing and globalization to produce superior, solid, attractive railings that meet the needs of homeowners, builders, contractors, and architects.

Our use of technology, integrated supply chain, and optimized logistics and delivery systems allow us to deliver custom products with consistent and very high quality, designed to stand the test of time. We believe our railings offer extraordinary value.

Customer Centric

We’re equally obsessed with providing an outstanding experience for our customers. Our railings are custom made to fit your application exactly (with just enough wiggle room to simplify installation). Our steel railings arrive as finished, solid panels, with clear and complete instructions, ready to be quickly and easily fastened to your floor, deck or fascia. Glass and Cable railings likewise arrive ready to install, with clear and complete instructions. In the unlikely event you run into a problem, support is only a phone call or facetime away. The result is a custom look and feel that has historically only been achievable by fabricating custom railings on site, at much greater expense.